Imagine yourself in a swanky little lounge, dimmed lights, and a drink in your hand. As you check out the crowd, you notice that you can feel an unusually large amount of electricity in the air. As you hear that first majestic guitar riff from the band on stage, you realize that this is the reason you came out tonight. This is the reason this lounge is going to make tonight amazing and this is the reason music can elicit feelings that can take you from one emotion to another.

That is the feeling I first got when I listened to the 3Play EP by the Will McBride Group. Since 2004, the Will McBride Group has been dazzling and captivating the Atlanta music scene and adding a steady following of music lovers with a wide range of tastes. Now located in Raleigh, North Carolina; Will, Sean, and Eric bring together a sound that is as interesting as it is familiar. Trying to pinpoint one influence for the WMG proves impossible but you can definitely hear anything from jazz and Latin to rock and pop. The sound takes you on a  rich journey of fusion rock that makes you want to put on a pair of sun glasses in order to keep up with the “cool” of the music. Grammy-nominated producer John Custer produced this three-song rock/pop follow-up to the band’s 2009 release Trifecta. When listening to 3Play, you can really tell the brilliance and talent that went into it. From the first track entitled “90 Minutes to Nowhere”, you can tell the dedication that went into this project. A sweet little guitar riff leads you into a jam that keeps your head moving to the groove. The catchy lyrics and soothing voice compliments the upbeat tune. A tight rhythm section keeps the backbone smooth so the layered guitar can add the magic. The solo hits right on the money and ends perfectly, propelling the song back into the last chorus. The next track, “Mental Health Day,” slows down the groove a little bit but definitely keeps the vibe steady as a stream. This is a sing-a-long track that relates to every man or woman working hard but feeling unappreciated. The hook will draw you in and the chorus will keep you enchanted. Finally, 3Play concludes with “Ultimate Sacrifice.” You can really see the songwriting range with this song. While the first two songs give the feeling of grabbing the nearest girl and hitting the dance floor to test out your swing dancing, this track falls into a genre all by itself. The same elements are present – the groove, the melodic voice, and the well thought out and constructed structure – but you hear something different. Maybe instead of the 60’s you are now in the 70’s. I can’t be the one who answers that but what I can tell you is that The Will McBride Group makes it work… and then some.

No matter what era you have found yourself listening to, 3Play by the Will McBride Group will satisfy your musical cravings. The groove and melodies are addicting and the catchy songwriting will fill any swanky lounge with good times. So grab a drink, find that nearest girl, and delight her with conversation about that new Will McBride Group EP 3Play you just picked up.

For us, we can’t wait to see what comes next from this funk driven fusion power trio. You can check them out HERE! Enjoy!



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